Let's hope we can keep this one running. Should be silly!

Jimmy’s Arcade

Terry’s most recent album Jimmy’s Arcade recieved the #2 spot in the philly.com best of 2017 list by Nick Cristiano.

Here’s his take on the record:

Terry AndersonJimmy’s Arcade. Brilliant and often hilarious underneath his hick persona, this North Carolinian continues to distill rock-and-roll down to its  joyous essence.

Speaking of the Arcade…. Jimmy’s Arcade and The Olympic Ass-Kickin Team play December 25 (Terry’s Birthday Party) at the Pour House! Cmon down

Spin Digs Hopscotch

Thanks Spin! We dig you too!

Hopscotch 2013: The 10 Best Things We Saw


photo by: pj sykes

It's taken us a few days to recover. The weekend was a blast thanks to Grayson Currin and everyone involved with Hopscotch.


Gonna be a great day here in Raleigh! Hopscotch kicks off today and we play tonite at Tir Na nOg at 10pm. Loads of day shows and loads of night shows. Gonna be a blast. Hope to see you. In honor of Hopscotch we put together a CD with three songs from the upcoming CD, plus two remastered tracks from the each of the previous studio CDs. We only made 100 copies, so if you want one better hit it quick. The CD is also available from CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes,  etc as a download. CDBaby now has higher resolution files including FLAC.  Let us know what you think! 

G'bye 2012

Ooops! Where did the time go? What the hell have we been up to? We played a few shows, did a little recording, had a few ups and downs but everyone is doing just fine. We are going to play our annual show tomorrow  night at the The Pour House so if you can make down for a toast or two we would love to see you. 

Happy Christmas and an auspicious new year!


Finally getting back out and under the lights. The folks at NC Hops and Roots have asked us to come back and rock on September 1. It's an all day affair with food trucks and camping.

We also have two three Hopscotch Day Parties. Super excited to be out and about. Come see us!

OAKTeam and Telefunken

The OAKTeam was invited to Sound Pure Studios to participate in a tracking session using Telefunken microphones and loads of cool gear trucked in for the date. Terry had a new pop song 'Girls With Glasses' so we said duh! What time ya wanna start? Produced by CN Fletcher and recorded by the amazing team at Sound Pure we present a new song for ya. That's not all! This song is available as a multitrack download that can be opened in your digital audio workstation of choice and mixed to your hearts content. Telefunken is having a Mix Olympics and the mix that is chosen wins a load of microphones and stuff. Details here: Telefunken


Woohoo! Enabler is getting airplay on Undergound Garage. I guess you could say we are excited! In honor of that news all CD's have been discounted at CDBaby and doublenaught records (plus you'll you'll find the rest of the doublenaught artists CDs are also onsale). Cheers and thanks! Oh yeah, and every order from doublenaughtrecords.com includes a prize from the bonus box…ya never know what you'll get!

Goldmine Magazine

We made into John M. Borack’s Top 20 of 2011. We are in with some good company. Thanks John...

Deep South The Bar

Welcome to 2012 show at Deep South The Bar. C'mon down for a free show Sunday, January 8. We are rockin it from 5pm to 7 pm. 

Happy Holidays

Thanks a million for once again coming out to shows and supporting us. It cannot go without saying none of this would be possible without you.

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