So it's all coming together nicely. The CD's have arrived and have been sent to our distributor, the online services should have their digital files, the Vinyl has arrived and sounds fantastic. 180 gram with a link for 24/88 FLAC files plus three bonus tracks.  The custom USB sticks are cool and contain the same 24/88 FLAC files of the 11 songs on the CD plus the three bonus tracks. These files are less compressed than the CD files and sound amazing. The USB also contains high quality pdf files of all the art for the CD and Vinyl releases.

We had our first of four nights at Deep South the Bar and had a great crowd. They seemed to like the new songs well enough to take home copies of More Smooth Jazz and Sweet Sweet Jams. So yeah, we started selling before October 18… 

We have a very special promotion at School Kids Records, Raleigh's best and only independent record store, that begins Columbus Day, October 10. They will have copies of the CD and Vinyl for sale and you will receive a pass for any one of the shows at Deep South this month. Please visit School Kids Records, we need record stores!

Last but not least for readers of the OAKblog...

All That Jazz Bundle

CD, Vinyl, USB and a t-shirt $60 + shipping!

Email us below and we'll get your order out to you.

Don't forget to tell us what size shirt you would like.

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